Embracing messy momlife.

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Put the Best Spin On It!

Here’s a Facebook Live video I did to remind you to put the best spin on your past.

In the book I’m writing (a tribute to my mom), I talked about how Mom did this. My parents divorced when I was turning 10, and we moved thousands of miles away. But Mom consistently told me, “Your dad will want to see your report cards, and he’ll want to know about your accomplishments.”

The crazy thing is, it didn’t really matter if it was true or not. By putting the best possible spin on my relationship with Dad, Mom helped me grow up believing I mattered to both of them.

I believe that, in his own way, Dad did care, and wanted to fulfill his responsibilities. But he had a lot of brokenness to deal with. Mom’s perspective helped shield me from much of that brokenness, and I’m so grateful!

Let’s do this for ourselves and our families: put the best spin on whatever difficulties you have faced. Whether from people, or financial loss, or illness… learn to “make a molehill out of a mountain.” It’ll do your heart good!